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On 1981, in a Holy Spirit Seminar in Oxnard California, I experienced a religious epiphany that influenced my decision to become a missionary priest.

Several months later, on August 14th, 1982, I was admitted to the Novitiate House, with the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in the city of Queretaro Mexico. During two years, as a young novice, I worked diligently on spiritual direction, self-knowledge, and basic skills for the religious life.

During the following eight years, they shaped my mind with Philosophy and Theology. Also, I enriched myself with spiritual and traditional readings, from Leonardo Boff to St. John of the Cross. On June 20, 1992; once again, I experienced the almighty God, when Bishop J. Madera imposed hands on my head, anointed my hands with Holy Chrism, and whispered “you are a Priest forever”.

Since my priestly ordination on June 20, 1992 to present, I have dedicated twenty eight years of my life to abridge God and men, teaching the Bible and preaching the Good News, and administering the sacraments to those in need. “My ministry is one of faith, love and compassion. It is like a dynamic circle that keeps me moving and striving to better the world, the Episcopal Church, the local community, and my congregations.

Now as an Episcopal Priest, I am committed twenty four seven to strive for justice and peace, to better our world for the present and future generations by placing a bit of leaven of love in everything I do. I am open to listen and learn from others, to tell old stories that remind us that we all, ones upon the time were slaves, to feel the joys and sorrows of my fellow brothers and sisters immigrants and to lift up their spirits with courage and resolve. In short, I am a “Wounded Healer” in action.

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